Thank you for journeying with me. So far this blog is just dedicated to my new personal discoveries with the spiritual realms, but as things progress, we’ll see what this becomes. I’m looking forward to hearing your opinions, suggestions, and stories.

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I am a twenty year old barista from Georgia, who was raised on the belief that God is a distant deity, reachable only by adhering to a strict set of laws and fully believing in the teachings of a document which has been translated and re-translated through countless times and territories. While, I loved the community and (most of) the ideas that founded this belief, I began to feel it was not enough. Other ideas and experiences began to be known to me, and I realized that there was nothing to fear in not knowing. I don’t know what to call myself; I don’t know if I fit into a category where my spirituality is concerned, but what I do know is that I am experiencing things I cannot explain in physical terms on a daily basis, and there are certainly others like me out there who are just as eager to discuss these things. Let’s get talking.

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